Download 8 ball pool vip aim tool free crack version

AimTool for 8 Ball Pool


Aim Tool Crack Version Download
Aim Tool Crack Version Download

Aim Tool for 8 Ball Pool is a professional tool for 8 ball pool players and helps you become a master in billiards or pool games. It can help you aim the ball and extend the aim line automatically. Easy to make nice and accurate shots, not limited to direct straight shots but also aim bank shots or cushion shots easily. Just like you are using a real ruler 📏 to measure the path or a formula to calculate the angle 📐. A victory is in prospect.

Highlight features:

🎱 Auto-aim & Extended Aim Line

- Pool table, all balls, and cue will all be detected once you start the 8 ball pool game.

- Turning the cue to aim the cue ball. The aim tool and extended line will show up automatically. No other actions are needed.

- Enjoy billiards or 8 ball pool games with our auto-aim tool!

🎱 Easy to Aim Bank Shots

- Aim a bank shot easily without any extra actions.

- The broken line will show up automatically with accurately measured angle.

- The object ball will hit the cushion and turn back to your object pocket correctly.

Aim Tool for 8 Ball Pool: Auto-aim tool and extended aim line

Become a billiards or pool games master with Aim Tool for 8 ball pool!

More features will be available soon! Please stay tuned!

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