Battlegrounds Mobile India Officially Launched Download Now

It is official, #PUBGMobile will launch as Battleground Mobile India. #battlegroundsmobileindia. There could be a lot of similarities between #PUBG and #battlegroundsmobileindia. A lot of Tournaments is also on the cards.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India has replaced the banned PUBG Mobile, and now comes with three key limits that minors playing it would encounter. #PUBG

#PUBG Mobile is back, finally. It has a new name #BATTLEGROUNDSMOBILEINDIA.

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KRAFTON, the South Korean video game developer, today announced the reveal of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, a battle royale experience, will have a period of pre-registration before the launch. The game will be available to play only in India. Here is the new logo.

#Krafton to launch #battlegroundsmobileindia to regain #PUBGMOBILE glory


PUBG Mobile India has been officially renamed ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ as the official website has gone.

The official website says that Battlegrounds Mobile India is “coming soon.”

The game could be modified specifically for the Indian market.

PUBG Corporation had announced last November that it will bring back PUBG Mobile to India. However, it had not revealed a timeline for the launch of the game in the country. Last month, the official YouTube channel for PUBG Mobile India uploaded a video suggesting that the launch of the game is imminent in the Indian market. Moreover, a creative banner of PUBG was leaked last week suggesting that it will be renamed Battlegrounds Mobile in India. However, there was no confirmation. That changes today as the official website for Battlegrounds Mobile India has gone live.

PUBG Mobile will launch as Battlegrounds Mobile India

Today, the official website for Battlegrounds Mobile India went live, which not only confirms that the PUBG Mobile will be coming back in India but also that it will be renamed for the Indian market. The official website has says “Coming Soon” suggesting the game could launch in Indian anytime soon. The webpage links to the official YouTube channel for Battlegrounds Mobile India but it has no videos at the moment. It is also worth mentioning that there is no mention of PUBG anywhere on the website. We can see “Krafton” written there, which, as you might know, is the company behind PUBG.

There is still no information regarding the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date. What we also don’t know for sure at the moment is if Battlegrounds Mobile India will just be a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile or if it will be modified specifically for the Indian market. In a press release that came out in November, PUBG Corporation had said that PUBG Mobile will be modified for India “to build and foster a healthy gameplay environment, in-game content will be improved and tailored to reflect local needs.” Hopefully, we’ll know more soon as the launch nears.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Website Live Now

PUBG Mobile India is soon going to launch as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The developers of the much-awaited game have finally revealed the new logo as we move closer to the launch. PUBG Corps has updated the logo on the official YouTube channel and social media handles. It was also noted that the developers have also removed all the previous content and videos from the social media handles and YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Battleground Mobile India’s official website went live suggesting an imminent launch. The official website also features the same logo with the game’s name in text with orange, white, and green colours, which seems to be inspired by the Indian flag. Let’s have a detailed look at the official Battlegrounds Mobile India’s website.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Website

It has been speculated over the internet that Krafton, the developers of the game title, is planning to launch the game as Battleground Mobile India. Now the company has officially confirmed the news by making the website live. So far the official PUBG Mobile website was terminated by the developers, but now the new website has confirmed that the game is hailing back to the country with a new name.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India website doesn’t have any information about the launch date of the game. The homepage has an animation revealing the name of the game title and suggesting an imminent launch. There is a social media section on the home page that is linked with the Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel. The news section on the website didn’t have any news, but we can expect more information about the game on the same as we move closer to the launch.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Expected Launch

Popular PUBG content creator Maxtern told SportsKeeda that the developers are planning to release the game title by the end of May or at the beginning of June. Do note that all the launch teasers shared by the developers confirmed that the game is going to launch soon in India but the company is yet to reveal the actual launch date.

It would be interesting to see when Krafton is planning to launch the game in the country and what are the new changes we are going to witness with the gameplay. Do share your thoughts about the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India in the comment section below.

Battlegrounds Mobile India essentially seems to be an effort by Krafton to bypass the ban in India. From the teaser, it seems that the developers have simply done a name-change procedure for PUBG Mobile. With the “India” tag added to the name, this version could be highly customized for India in the form of localized in-game items.

A previous report suggested that players can expect to carry on their in-game purchases and progress from PUBG Mobile to the Indian version. Violent effects like blood spattering will be toned down and there could be more features primarily meant for India.

Most importantly, Battlegrounds Mobile India will meet the government’s requirements to restart its operations in India. A few months ago, Krafton said that it will partner with Microsoft to store player data within India. This could help enforce superior user privacy and data protection.

At the moment, Krafton hasn’t announced the name change officially. Additionally, there’s no fixed release date for this renamed version of PUBG Mobile.

Battleground mobile India pre-registration

Battleground mobile India pre-registration very soon.

Battleground mobile India Download

Battleground mobile India release date and Download link will be update soon.

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