How to Fix It When Google Chrome Is Not Responding

Are you here to Fix Google Chrome is not Responding then you are in the right place, My Dear friend. Here I walk you through how you can fix your Google Chrome is not Responding.

Why you need to fix Google Chrome when Google Chrome is not Responding. There is lots of reason that Google Chrome is not Responding there is some common reason for Google Chrome not Responding is Memory glitches or Low Memory and High Load on Google Chrome or Multiple Tab open.

How to Fix Google Chrome not responding
How to Fix Google Chrome

There are lots of bugs in Google Chrome Like Google chrome not working , Google chrome not opening in window 10 , Google chrome not responding, and last but not least Google chrome freezing in window 10 . There are few bugs in Google Chrome. In this guide, I help you to why Google chrome is not responding.

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In this Blog, we guide you on how you can fix it.

Why Google Chrome is not responding

The Answer to why Google chrome is not responding is:

1.Not up to date

2.Extension Crash

3.Low memory

4.Multiple tabs open at a time

Causes of Chrome Not Responding

Google chrome not responding due to Google chrome not updated newer version or there so many reasons like memory management problems like you open Multiple Tab in Google Chrome. Google chrome needs large memory or Ram to run multiple Tab.

one of these days, Some extensions not working or broken, and misbehaving of web pages are generated an error that is not controlled by chrome that’s why Google Chrome is not responding.

How to Fix Chrome Not Responding Errors

1. First Update to the latest version of google chrome. If you have an older version of google chrome then update the Google chrome to the newest version.

2. After Update Reboot the device. When the update will we don then reboot your device then lunch the Google chrome.

3. Clear Google data and cache. Due to Low memory chrome will not responding so clear your history data as well as Google Chrome Cache.

4. Remove or Disable Extensions which not used by you. Disable all extensions from Google Chrome to run Chrome Smoothly.

5. Disable firewall or any Anti-virus. Check that your firewall not blocking Google chrome. If yes then disable your firewall for chrome only.

6. Reset chrome Setting to Default. Go to Setting then go to the advanced option and select the default setting and save it.

7. Uninstall Chrome than Reinstall Chrome. Yet you are facing the problem that Google chrome not responding the reinstall the chrome.

8. Contact with Google Support team. If there is an error to use chrome then contact with Google chrome Support Team.


Hope you like my tutorial on How to Fix It When Google Chrome Is Not Responding. In this blog I explain each and every step how you can fix Google chrome is not responding or Google chrome not working. Follow Each step to fix it.

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